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  Temple Bar Properties
12 East Essex Street
Temple Bar
Dublin 2

T: +353 1 6772255
E: info@templebar.ie
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Temple Bar is a 28-acre cultural, historic and small business neighbourhood in the heart of Dublin city centre.

Through community pressure and using the arts as a catalyst, a plan to turn the Temple Bar area into a bus depot was defeated and the government launched the Temple Bar initiative as a flagship project to mark Dublin's year as European City of Culture in 1991.

A company was set up in 1991 to do this - Temple Bar Properties. Temple Bar is now home to a population of over 2,500 residents, 500 businesses and over 50 cultural organisations.

The area has cultural centres for film, music, theatre, design, visual arts and children's cultural activities. It also offers accommodation, shopping, eating out and socialising.