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  Temple Bar Properties
12 East Essex Street
Temple Bar
Dublin 2

T: +353 1 6772255
E: info@templebar.ie
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The concept of Dublin's Cultural Quarter was the driving force and inspiration behind the development and regeneration of Temple Bar, and the idea also provided the impetus for key political and other decisions that enabled the project to happen. The importance of the artist-led and community-supported momentum that shaped the destiny of Temple Bar can never be overstated, and it remains a potent force and source of energy within the area to this day.

With the physical development now complete, the Cultural Quarter exists not only in the physical fabric of buildings and spaces, and in the enormous range of cultural activities that are based in the area, but just as importantly in peoples' behaviour and approach to using and contributing to the area as residents, workers or visitors.

The Temple Bar Cultural Quarter now represents a concentration of more than 50 organisations involved in contemporary arts and cultural practice : living artists, new media, experimental work in all art forms including theatre, music, film, design and all of the visual arts. It is the belief of Temple Bar Properties that this rich diversity, concentrated in a small area, is the basis on which the Cultural Quarter will continue to renew itself, and in turn, the cultural life of the communities that it serves.

For details on what's happening in the Cultural Quarter today, tomorrow, and next week, please link to our listings of Current Events.

In addition to the many activities of Temple Bar's publicly funded cultural organisations, Temple Bar Properties itself runs a year-round programme of cultural events in the area's outdoor spaces, known as Temple Bar Outdoors. For information on these unique outdoor events, select from the following - Messiah | Markets | Diversions | Outside Visual Arts.