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  Temple Bar Properties
12 East Essex Street
Temple Bar
Dublin 2

T: +353 1 6772255
E: info@templebar.ie
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With the physical redevelopment and building programmes in Temple Bar completed within time and on budget, Temple Bar Properties Ltd. has changed from being primarily a property development company with an area-wide remit covering almost the entire 28-acre area, to being a property management company with a remit to develop and sustain Dublin's Cultural Quarter.

Sustaining Dublin's Cultural Quarter is now the over-riding priority for TBP. The company is well placed to pursue this remit on the strength of its corporate experience and expertise in having led the regeneration and development of the area, its affinity with the cultural and artistic community not just in central Dublin but in a broader national and international context, and on the basis of its strategic commercial property investments within Temple Bar. Through the prudent management to the highest standards of its property portfolio, the company can address the following long-term priorities:

1. Manage and maintain all of it property assets to the highest standard

2. Continue to reinvest within the area, with a particular emphasis on promoting and protecting the company's strategic and commercial interests

3. Support Dublin's Cultural Quarter by maintaining its unique property infrastructure and through co-operation with others in marketing, programming, improving and sustaining cultural activity in the area.