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  Temple Bar Properties
12 East Essex Street
Temple Bar
Dublin 2

T: +353 1 6772255
E: info@templebar.ie
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Temple Bar's high concentration of residential, cultural and business concerns has meant that environmental issues are of central concern to Temple Bar Properties. Our aim is to promote a shared responsibility for the maintenance of the environment among all stakeholders in the area, residents and businesses alike.

Temple Bar already has an unusually high concentration of environmental features for an urban area:

  • A unique Green Building, the first of its kind in an urban setting in Ireland, at Temple Lane South
  • A district heating system which runs off a Combined Heat and Power generator in the residential Old City, resulting in reduced emission of greenhouse gases, cheaper heating for residents and recent winner of a Bremen Partnership Environmental Award.
  • A wealth of archaeological and architectural features
  • Pedestrianised areas
  • Recycling facilities
  • Bicycle parking facitilities
  • And a unique wormery system developed by Crampton Building residents to compost waste.

Check out our Green Map to view the location of these greening initiatives in the area.

However, a number of important challenges in managing mixed-use city centre areas such as Temple Bar must be met to maintain and build on these environmental strengths, and to maintain the area as a clean, safe and dynamic area for all.

Curved Street viewed
from the entrance to
Meeting House Square

Temple Bar Properties' environmental programme also covers the following activities -

Environmental Awareness Raising
Temple Bar Properties will continue to seek and transfer innovative ideas and concepts in the Temple Bar area, particularly through supporting events such as the Convergence Festival which is organised in the Temple Bar area by The Sustainable Ireland Co-operative.

Improvements in environmental services
Additional street cleaning and the development of a comprehensive waste management plan

Public Spaces and Streetscapes
Public spaces are a key feature of the design of Temple Bar. Since the development of Meeting House Square, Temple Bar Square, Cow's Lane and Curved Street, Temple Bar Properties has been building up a programme of outdoor cultural events and markets produced free to the public. New planted courtyards and a new pedestrian street, Cow's Lane, have been developed by Temple Bar Properties in the Old City in Temple Bar's western end.

Liaison with the Local Authorities and the local community

TBP maintains active relations with TASCQ, An Garda Siochana at Pearse Street Garda Station, Dublin Corporation Cleansing Division, Dublin Corporation Planning and Economic Development Department, Dublin Tourism, Temple Bar Residents Association, Smock Alley Residents and Crampton Buildings Residents.

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