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Monday 14th May 2007

New Arts Festival in Dublin from the 4th-8th July 2007

HAVE U MET NOSTI? NEW PERFORMANCE FROM NEW EUROPE - A festival of new dance, performance and live art, showcasing emerging artists from around the Balkan region.

The Festival will be a rich display of new work; with artists coming from Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Macedonia. It will mix the contemporary with the controversial, blending ardent Balkan spirit with a conceptual fervor.

Featuring the dark but camp drama of Bulgarian choreographer Ivo Dimchev, Live Art from - Brain Store Project, new work in voice from Irena Tomazin and dance theatre from Dejan Garbos, Katerina Mojzisova and Dalija Acin.

The Balkans has a long tradition of talent in the arts and currently the work being produced in this area is at the cutting edge of contemporary performing arts; being innovative, challenging and unique.

In a European setting teeming with clichés and stereotypes curiously little is known further a field of the creativity that characterizes this part of the world. Therefore one of the aims of this festival is to combat the frequent prejudice encountered about the Balkans. It will give opportunity to an Irish audience to see that this work is as relevant as it is compelling.

The Have U Met Nosti? Festival explores performance as a medium of communication, injecting a variety of performance strategies into artistic expression. The festival aims to question the contemporary politics of the performing arts and perhaps offer a deconstruction of traditional theatre in an anarchic and playful way, allowing for many possibilities of communication, engagement and interaction.

The festival establishes dynamic relationships between viewer and performer, asking those present to reconsider notions of reason, the body, art, ego, social codes and culture, East and West, EU verses non EU. The festival therefore creates a space where you can personally reflect on the self and what it means to be alive in today's world, guaranteeing an inspiring five days.

For the full festival programme please visit or contact the Festival Director, Sascha Perfect on 087 917 2100 or at for more information.